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The difference Advocacy makes

What we planned to achieve:

750 vulnerable people will have more choice and control over their lives because:

  • They have improved access to information
  • They have greater knowledge of their rights
  • They have been able to get their views heard
  • They are better able to make informed decisions
  • Someone has spoken on their behalf when they needed it

How many people have been supported?

In November 2017 North Yorkshire Advocacy commissioned an evaluation of Advocacy Plus (Big Lottery Funded Project running from 2015-2018) This focused on delivery during this period and examined the charity’s impact on its clients, volunteers and the wider community against 3 specific preset outcomes: 

  1. Vulnerable people will have improved control over their lives
  2. Vulnerable people will have improved mental wellbeing 
  3. Vulnerable people will have increased financial wellbeing

We planned to support 780 clients between 2015-18 offering each a named individual advocate to help them resolve their issues, 630 through general advocacy and 150 through mail and finance support. 

Between April 2015 and March 2018 the project as a whole supported 1,206 individual clients, 807 were helped through the generic service to speak up for themselves and 399 through its mail and finance advocacy service. 

The numbers of clients supported were 54% above project targets.

The full Impact Report (PDF Document) can be accessed here


Getting your views heard

Advocacy’s clients often belong to groups that society finds it easy to ignore. Without support, these groups struggle to get their voice heard. Sixty-nine percent of stakeholders said that Advocacy gave a voice to the most vulnerable in society.

Keeping services people centred

Vulnerable people can be easily pressured into agreeing with the views of others, for example family or care agencies. Stakeholder’s spoke of the difference Advocacy made in helping them make sure their own organisations were listening properly to clients, something that can be difficult when managing busy services.

People we have worked with


Testimonial 1

“I had total faith in my advocate’s capacity and desire to support me. Right from the beginning she listened to my story, separated the subjective from the objective and gave me the strength to state my case. When I faltered she took over and then stepped back when I regained my composure. I was under no illusion that the fight was mine, yet I knew that she would be there to guide me if I needed it.” - Advocacy client

Testimonial 2

 “My advocate has been so good” says service user, “I always knew what was happening and was kept up to date”.  Now that the issues that were worrying the service user have been resolved, she feels better able to deal with things on a day to day basis, making her feel less anxious and able to enjoy her life more- Advocacy Client

Testimonial 3

"All the worry has gone now. I was going through a bad time and I could not have done it on my own; I would have been fobbed off.  I would have thought jigger this and stopped doing it (sorting out the issue).” 

"Advocate has a marvelous attitude, he knows his stuff. He could not have done any more, nothing was too much trouble. He kept regular contact, always kept me informed and was always on time" – Advocacy Client


“My advocate made it very clear what I wanted to happen. It put my mind at rest.”

“I was able to have my own views and was listened to.”

“My council flat was excessively warm and the tree outside was making it dark. Without you the council wouldn’t take notice of what I said.”

"I have more peace of mind, I know more about benefits, finance and my rights."

“You always replied to my phone messages”

“Being able to get hold of someone straight away was wonderful”

“You visited my home when I couldn’t come to you”

“If I need their help they will come to me. Not many other people (organisations) do that”

"I feel better now that the filing is in place - the service you offer is tremendous"

“I feel lighter now everything is cleared up and I know I have enough money to cover all my bills”