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What is advocacy?

  • It is free
  • It is independent 
  • It is confidential
  • It enables you…
    • To make difficult decisions
    • To face major changes
    • To get the best service for you
    • To secure your rights
    • To explore choices and options
    • To express your views and concerns

We all sometimes need help and support coping with difficult changes, choices or situations. Some of us find this help from friends or family, but others have no one to turn to who is willing or able to help them. For many people being alone with their problem is daunting, particularly if they are from a vulnerable group which struggles to speak on its own or which society commonly ignores. This includes young and elderly people, people with mental health problems, learning or physical disabilities.

Advocacy ensures that people are able to speak out, to express their views and defend their rights.

An advocate gives time and commitment, standing alongside someone who is struggling to deal with a change, choice or challenge. Helping them to understand their options, make decisions, be heard and have their say

Advocates help with all types of issues but commonly support people to access legal rights, challenge services providers such as housing and social care services, tackle challenging family issues and secure income and opportunities to which they are entitled.