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Can We Help You?

How can we help you?

Do you need an Advocate because you feel?

  • You don’t agree with decisions that are being made about you
  • No-one’s listening to you
  • You have decisions to make
  • You need some help but don’t know who to ask

When can I have support from an Advocate?

You can have the support of an Advocate when you find yourself in a situation where there is no one who can help or support you in sorting things out. If you feel you are not able to have your voice heard, that you are not being listened to or that no one is asking what you want, then you can ask for an Advocate.

What sort of issues do Advocates deal with?

North Yorkshire Advocacy supports people with issues around their care, exploring the options and enabling people to be heard and have a say in the type of care they would like.

North Yorkshire Advocacy supports people who are finding it difficult to resolve a financial issue, whether it be a banking issue or a problem with a utility company. Our Mail and Finance service will offer longer term support to people struggling with junk mail and modern banking systems.

North Yorkshire Advocacy will support people with disabilities or difficulties who would like to have their views heard on matters that affect their lives.

Advocates don’t:

  • Give Advice
  • Don’t give legal advice or attend court appeals

Advocates are not:

  • Medical advisers
  • Counsellors, social workers, support workers or mediators

Advocacy is not:

  • a crisis or emergency service

Will an Advocate support a client for as long as they want?

No, an Advocate will support an individual until the issue is resolved and the individual is more able to speak up for themselves in the future.

Advocacy is not a befriending service and should longer term support be required, Advocacy would signpost to a more appropriate service.

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