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Case Studies

Mr H’s Story

  • Posted On: 29 April 2016

Mr H had been admitted to hospital and had made a good recovery from a stroke and was due to be discharged only a few days before Christmas. Unfortunately he had been rendered technically homeless and had nowhere to live on his discharge.

Advocacy support was requested by his Social Worker and after meeting Mr H and discussing the issue with all concerned it was agreed that he would not be discharged until after Christmas, which gave Mr H some thinking time.

When we met again there was some pressure for Mr H to be discharged however as he had nowhere to go he wasn’t keen on the idea and as he had capacity and had stated he wanted a flat of his own. Advocacy pointed out that he couldn’t just be discharged into a nursing home without his involvement in the decision.

Mr H ‘s continuing healthcare review was carried out in January and it was acknowledged that he had capacity, but was depressed at this time – we advised that he needed time to look at his options and that he would be better able to make a decision when he was feeling better.

Early in February Mr H was feeling a lot better and was able to consider his options and was happy at that time to have a trial in a nursing home with a view to hopefully being able to go into extra care or his own flat when he had fully recovered.

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