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Case Studies

H’s Story

  • Posted On: 29 April 2016

H was a lady in her early sixties with moderate learning difficulties. She had been placed at Whixley when she was twelve and had lived there for 40 years. When Whixley closed she was moved to a residential home in York, however this was closed abruptly due to concerns about the home. H was moved to an emergency placement (apparently the only one available), which was in a dementia unit in another residential home. 

At the time of referral H had been in the dementia unit (temporarily) for 10 years.


H’s brother was very unhappy about the placement and felt that it was inappropriate for H to be in a dementia unit. In addition the brother was finding it increasingly difficult to visit H (as he lived in Blackpool). The brother had contacted the Care Manager who agreed to ask Advocacy to provide an independent view.

The Advocate worked with H to try and ascertain her wishes. It was clear that H should never have been placed in a dementia unit and the Advocate established that as H had not left the dementia unit for the last 10 years (other than for medical appointments) that an immediate move elsewhere would be equally traumatic (were it to be within the local area or elsewhere). The Advocate engaged with a charity to take H for short visits to local shops/cafes and H enjoyed these. It was then agreed to find a supported living arrangement for H in Blackpool.

H has now lived in that placement for the last three years. The Care Manager agreed that mistakes had been made following the initial emergency placement in the dementia unit and that H had in effect been forgotten about over the last 10 years. 

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