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Case Studies

Sally’s Story

  • Posted On: 7 July 2017

In November 2015 she purchased a mobile phone on a monthly contract. 

However, on taking the mobile home Sally very quickly realised that the phone was of no use due to poor signal strength and she therefore returned the mobile to the store for a refund.

The store refused to refund the sale stating incorrectly that she was no longer within the cancellation period and believing this to be true Sally was left with a mobile that did not work and a contract to pay.

After paying for 9 months Sally made no further installments and as a consequence a debt recovery agency was instructed to pursue her. By February 2017 Sally was extremely distressed by the situation and recognising the impact this was having on her health she turned to North Yorkshire Advocacy for support.

An advocate researched the issue and having identified Sally’s rights sent a letter to the debt recovery agency stating that Sally was entitled to return the mobile for “non-performance” and that the store had failed to correctly adhere to the terms and conditions of the sale. On receipt of the letter the debt recovery agency immediately agreed to write off the outstanding balance and confirmed that the matter would not affect Sally’s future credit rating.

After 17 months of worry for Sally the matter was finally resolved.  Sally was delighted.  “They would not leave me alone; they were making my life a misery” She stated, “My life has completely changed”.

A fantastic outcome for an 86 year old lady!

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