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Case Studies

H's Story

  • Posted On: 29 April 2016

H was a lady in her early sixties with moderate learning difficulties. She had been placed at Whixley when she was twelve and had lived there for 40 years. When Whixley closed she was moved to a residential home in York, however this was closed abruptly due to concerns about the home. H was moved to an emergency placement (apparently the only one available), which was in a dementia unit in another residential home. At the time of referral H had been in the dementia unit (temporarily) for 10 years....

A's Story

  • Posted On: 29 April 2016

'A’ was a gentleman in his late forties with severe learning difficulties and 3 years previously the client was diagnosed with cancer.  The client’s residential home contacted Advocacy as they believed that he should be given the opportunity to see his family before he died.....

Mr H's Story

  • Posted On: 29 April 2016

Mr H had been admitted to hospital and had made a good recovery from a stroke and was due to be discharged only a few days before Christmas. Unfortunately he had been rendered technically homeless and had nowhere to live on his discharge.

Advocacy support was requested by his Social Worker and after meeting Mr H and discussing the issue with all concerned it was agreed that he would not be discharged until after Christmas, which gave Mr H some thinking time.

K's Story

  • Posted On: 29 April 2016

K was a lady in her fifties who lived alone and it seems had no friends or family. K was referred for Advocacy support whilst she was in hospital following a stroke.

george's story

  • Posted On: 22 April 2016

86 year old George lives alone and suffers from dementia.  He finds the sheer volume of his mail confusing, especially matters relating to his banking and payment of bills.  In his confusion, George cancelled a number of direct debits resulting in bills not being paid on time and he was receiving even more mail.