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Case Studies

K's Story

  • Posted On: 29 April 2016

K was a lady in her fifties who lived alone and it seems had no friends or family. K was referred for Advocacy support whilst she was in hospital following a stroke.

george's story

  • Posted On: 22 April 2016

86 year old George lives alone and suffers from dementia.  He finds the sheer volume of his mail confusing, especially matters relating to his banking and payment of bills.  In his confusion, George cancelled a number of direct debits resulting in bills not being paid on time and he was receiving even more mail.


  • Posted On: 22 April 2016

75 year old Margaret has been diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer’s and has difficulty remembering which bills she has paid and which are outstanding. North Yorkshire Advocacy arranged for an advocate to visit Margaret in her home to help get her mail and finances back on track.

Mr P’s Story

  • Posted On: 18 September 2015
Mr P’s problems - Mr P is 72 years old and lives alone in a cold and fire damaged council property that is in need of renovation. He lives in a remote rural community where he worked on the land. He has no family and keeps to himself. He doesn’t trust the phone and has a learning difficulty which means he struggles with reading. He has limited sight and heart problems. His neighbours have been supporting him with shopping, housework, managing his finances, transport and attending his doctor....

Mary’s Story

  • Posted On: 18 September 2015
Mary’s problem - When Mary’s husband died he left many debts she had been previously unaware of and the creditors pressurised Mary to take responsibility for these. She says, “I haven’t got a lot of money, only my pension. I was getting lots of phone calls and letters. I was broke and couldn’t pay them (the creditors). I felt very depressed and alone and didn’t know what to do”. What Advocacy did - Her advocate visited her several times and linked her to a specialist agency who clarified...