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Case Studies

Mrs B’s Story

  • Posted On: 18 September 2015
Mrs B’s problems - Mrs B is a self-employed single parent who until recently had functioned well. However, mental health problems meant she had started taking anti-depressants and her GP and family were worried she was self-harming. She was only working a few hours a week and her income had fallen to £60pw. Mrs B found out about Advocacy from Jobcentre Plus in York where she had gone to claim benefits because of her reduced hours. What Advocacy did - Mrs B’s reduced income had led to debts...

David’s Story

  • Posted On: 18 September 2015
David’s problem - David is retired and in poor health. As a result of a legal problem in another country he lost all his savings. He had tried to tackle this problem on his own but the differences in the legal systems meant he had made little progress. He said, “I felt impotent, emasculated. They (the other side) used my illness and nationality against me and put up barriers I couldn’t fight through, leaving me angry and frustrated. I wasn’t even getting replies to my letters and phone calls...

Bill’s Story

  • Posted On: 18 September 2015
Bill’s problem - Bill is over 80 and has serious health problems. He lives with his wife who is very unwell. Bill looks after her with some help from carers. He is very unhappy with life. He gets down a lot and says he can’t see any headway. Bill’s wife used to look after him and do all the paperwork and banking. He now has to do these things. Bill contacted Advocacy because he needed help claiming a pension that was due from another country. What advocacy did - Advocacy helped Bill find his...