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Mail and Finance


For many people an inability to deal with their mail and manage day-to-day finances is a problem. Dealing with junk mail and modern payment methods can be daunting for people with dementia, learning disabilities, mental ill health or people with sight impairment. This can cause high levels of worry and stress.

Advocacy’s practical support to open mail and bank accounts, set up direct debits and switch to cheaper fuel suppliers is an important part of creating lasting solutions for many people. Forty-eight percent of Advocacy’s referral partners say that this practical support is particularly useful. People often need this support on an on-going basis and a reoccurrence of these problems can be experienced as time passes if support is not available. Very vulnerable people, people with mental health issues, older people etc. often can’t cope with pressure from creditors and the resulting stress can have serious effects.

An Advocate working with a client to resolve mail and finance issues will continue to support a client on a regular basis to make sure that processes and strategies are in place and are maintained, so that the client feels empowered and is able to manage these tasks with confidence.