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About The Service

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Safe Hands is a three year Lottery funded project which aims to enable vulnerable adults in Hambleton, Richmondshire and Selby to maintain their independence by resolving issues resulting from and linked to welfare reform and public service cuts by providing independent issue based advocacy and long term support with mail and finance.

The difficulties some people experience in dealing with mail and modern banking payment methods has been highlighted through our work. Important letters are not understood and payments through direct debits are unmet as incomes change and can quickly spiral into chaos and debt. The level of mail and financial administration driven by welfare reform is exacerbating this and increasing the need for long term help.

The project will be open to individuals and groups within Richmondshire, Hambleton and Selby. It will support 450 clients to deal with issues around banking, junk mail, budgeting and payments. Support will be face to face and where necessary home based. It will enable clients to resolve their issues, access services and have their views acknowledged.

This service will run in parallel to the advocacy service, offering longer-term support. Those using the service won’t necessarily be advocacy clients but those whose ability to live independently would be compromised without the service. We anticipate that due to the preventative support of the service there would be flow on reduction in the demand for support from other agencies that spiralling debt and deteriorating health and wellbeing can cause. The service coordinator will match clients to a dedicated volunteer and supervise delivery to agreed standards and procedures, across all three geographies.

This project ensures vulnerable people in the three districts are able to maintain their quality of life at a time of considerable reduction in services and income. It enables users to identify and resolve issues linked to welfare reform or public service cuts which would otherwise have a significant negative impact on their lives. Additionally users will:

  • gain more choice and control
  • increase their confidence and financial stability,
  • improve their health and wellbeing
  • increase their income
  • be better able to manage their mail and finances
  • retain their independence

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