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How much does it cost? 

RANY can work with you for as little as £150 per intervention. RANY can also work with your organisation to embed restorative solutions, working with your staff and providing ongoing support and training. To discuss this service further contact our office direct.


What’s involved?

RANY is a confidential service that works with those involved to understand the benefits of a restorative solution to their issues. 

Confidential conversations take place with all involved parties in a safe and private environment. This includes individual meetings and a joint meeting.

A restorative solution gives the people involved an opportunity to talk about what happened, focusing on a clear plan for future improvements.


How do we know this will make a difference?

Restorative solutions are proven to be more likely to result in an apology and forgiveness, reduce recurrence of incidents, and are felt by those involved to have been a worthwhile experience.